Ancient Mamodo
ジョビン Jobin
Jomin and Yuga
Mamodo Stats
Gender: Male
English Actor: Brian Beacock
Japanese Actor: Kokoro Kikuchi
Current Partner Stats
Name: Yuga (ユーガ Yūga)
Gender: Female
English Actor: Unknown
Japanese Actor: N/A
Previous Partner Stats
Gender: {{{original partner gender}}}
English Actor: Unknown
Japanese Actor: {{{original partner japenese actor}}}
Mamodo Team Stats
The Coffee Brown Book
Book Burned In Episode 77 And In Chapter 143.
Debut Episode: 69
Debut Chapter: 128
Book Burned By: Brago and Sherry Belmont

Jobin (ジョビン) and Yuga (ユーガ Yūga) are a minor team who only appears twice in the anime. He seems to use Ice Magic has his only shown spell is an unnamed ice attack. spells are based on Ice, same as their spell hasn't the name revealed. Yuga is a woman which mind is brainwashed for Zofis, and got freedom after Brago burns his book. Their japanese voices aren't known.


On their first seen, they're trying to stop the intruder from advancing on the Devolo Ruins, but are defeated. One their next and last appearance, they're seen trying to defeat Zatch right after Pamoon's book got burned, but Brago appears and burns his book, along with the remaining ancient mamodo.


Unnamed ice block attack
Japanese Name: N/A
Type(s): Attack Episode: 76 Chapter: ?
Description: Jobin fires a block of ice at the enemy.
Known user(s):


  • Yuga's hair color change from episode appearances (first seen: Gray and next seen: Black).
Ancient Mamodo
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