Jioruku (Jioruk)

Danny and Mr. Goldo
English Incantation: Jioruk
Japanese Incantation: Jioruku (ジオルク)
Meaning: Jio- (ジオ) = Healing
-ruku (ルク) = Self, Aura, Form
Type: Assist Episode: 27
Chapter: 65 Video Game: Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury
Description: Jioruku (ジオルク Jioruk) is Danny's only spell. When this spell is read, a purple light surrounds Danny and heals him from any injury, even bringing him back to life when he was shot to death by multiple men.

During the final fight with Clear Note, Danny lets Zatch use this spell to recover damage inflicted on Zatch from Clear's attacks when his book turns golden.

Danny and Mr. Goldo's Other Spells: No other known spells.

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