Japanese name ジル
Japanese name (rōmaji) Jiru
Age Unknown
Species Human
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First appearance (anime) 114
First appearance (manga) 178
Voiced by Asako Dodo (Japanese)

Jill (ジル, Jiru) is a woman who lives in the castle of Kyle's parents with Kyle. When Kyle's parents were alive, she worked as their maid, but after they died, they left Kyle a huge inheritance and Jill was entrusted with the task to manage the funds.


She took advantage of her role as his parents' maid and used Kyle's inheritance to feed and clothe herself, later expelling him from the castle and forcing him to live in a small hut instead. Every day at a certain time, Jill would visit Kyle and give him a basket of bread, often criticizing him for being late and even going as far as to physically bully him. Whenever Rein confronted her, she would tell him that he was nothing but a free-loader and leave after throwing Kyle's food at the ground. However, after Rein returns to the demon world, Kyle gains his courage after Jill starts criticizing Rein for being a good-for-nothing. Kyle tells Jill to shut up, surprising and angering Jill. Jill once again tries to use her status as "The Property Manager" to dominate Kyle but Kyle angrily told her that she may look down on Rein but she was far worse, using his assets to feed and dress herself while shutting Kyle away in a tiny house and feeding him trash, and in reality, being no better than a filthy thief. Kyle then states that he will tell everybody, including the police, of her thievery until she stopped her wicked ways. His spirit and courage scare Jill and she apologizes to Kyle, this time using the honorific-sama, promising to work hard from then on. She then returns to the castle and continues working there, though it is unknown if Kyle ever forgave her.