Japanese name ジェフ
Japanese name (rōmaji) Jefu
Age  ?
Species Human
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First appearance (anime) 47
First appearance (manga) 99
Voiced by Kokoro Kikuchi (Japanese)[1]
Jeff (ジェフ Jefu) is a boy who lives in a snowy mountain along with his maternal grandfather. His grandfather is voiced by Ralph Votrian in the English dub.[2]


One day, his grandfather tried defending him against a grizzly bear but fails to kill the bear with his double-barrel shotgun (the bear is shown to be wounded, bleeding in the Japanese version) and Jeff's grandfather gets clawed. Brago and Sherry Belmont enters the forest to stop the bear and protect Jeff and his grandfather. The bear walks away knowing how strong Brago is.

Sherry's butler Albert helped banadge Jeff's grandfather back at the cabin. Jeff's grandfather explains to Sherry and Brago that he cannot leave the mountains since he is trying to avenge his daughter and son-in-law—Jeff's parents—who were mauled to death by the same bear (or "hospitalized" in the English dub). Brago calls Jeff a coward for not picking up the picking up the shotgun when Jeff had the chance and finish off the bear. Brago walks off and defeats the grizzly bear with his own strength as part of his training but deep down, it seemed like Brago cared for Jeff. Brago tries to encourage Jeff to become strong and courageous.



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