Zatch: Invincible Kanchome.

[the scene is that Kiyo is at school.]

Teacher: About yesterday's pop quiz, Kane Yamanka, Iwashima, will you come up here, please?

Boys: Yes sir.

Teacher: [frustrated] Zeros all of you! What's your explanation for this!?

Yamanka: Hey thanks alot, Kane. That's the last time I ever copied from you, dude.

Teacher: Well, at least Kane put his name on it! You didn't even get that part right. [Kane and Iwashima laugh.] You have nothing to laugh about! You didn't even answer half the question. And what are these drawings!?

Suzy: Those are really good.

Teacher: As for you Suzy, you're almost as bad. You got ten percent, and that was being generous.

Suzy: Huh? How can that be? I answered every question!

Teacher: Yes you did, but it usually helps if you... Answer them correctly! [Suzy starts crying, Kiyo laughs] Kiyo?

Kiyo: Oh yes sir?

Teacher: Here's yours. [shows a hundred percent mark on his grade.] Remarkable, he'd even got the extra credit question right. And I wasn't even sure of the answer.

Zatch: [he and Ponygon clapping] Kiyo, Kiyo, he's our man. Yaaaaaaay!

Ponygon: Meru meru me!

Kiyo: Huh? What are you two characters doing here? I thought you two were playing with Tia! Beat it!

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