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Ancient Mamodo
イバリス Ibarisu
Ibaris and Kyle Pikaru
Mamodo Stats
Gender: Male
English Actor: Unknown
Japanese Actor: Akira Ishida
Mamodo Team Stats
Partner: Kyle Pikaru (カイル・ピカール Kairu Pikāru)
The Lt. Brown Book
Book Burned In Episode 77 And In Chapter 143.
Debut Episode: 54
Debut Chapter: 104
Book Burned By: Brago and Sherry Belmont

Ibaris (イバリス, Ibarisu) and Kyle Pikaru (カイル・ピカール, Kairu Pikāru) and an ancient mamodo team who fighted the "intruders" lots of times in the Ancient Mamodo Arc. Their spells are based on sand, and their book was burned for Brago and Sherry Belmont. Kyle is one of the many of humans that are brainwashed by Zofis's ancient mamodo.


As they're first seen, they're attacking Baransha and Garza and after a few spells, the rest of the team arrives, leading to her defeat and spellbook got burned. On their next appearence, they're protecting the Devolo ruins against any intruder, along with Babiru, and they soon found the intruders, but they are eventually defeated. Later, he is seen during a fight against Brago, who burns all ancient mamodo's books, including his book. However, in the anime he is who's assisting Baraho, but in the manga is Bahking (chapter 143) in the episode 77.By the way he talks to his bookeeper you can tell he is quite mean to humans.


The Beam Spell
Japanese Name:Dezuruga (デズルガ)
Type(s):Attack Episode:54 Chapter:104
Description:Fires a sharp energy wave.

Gigano Dezur
The Pyramid Spell
Japanese Name:Gigano Dezuru (ギガノ・デズル)
Type(s):Attack Episode:54 Chapter:104
Description:Summons a sand pyramid to hit the enemy.


Episode 69

"Oooh! The Enemy!!!!"

"Let's get them from both sides (talking to Babiru)"

"Gigano Dezur!!"

Episode 77

"The spell, human!!!"

"Gigano Dezur!"


"The human is vulnerable (referencing to Sherry)!"

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