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Japanese name 山中浩
Japanese name (rōmaji) Yamanaka Hiroshi
Age 14
Species Human
First appearance (anime) 1 (short cameo)
First appearance (manga) 1
Voiced by Kazunari Tanaka (Japanese)
Dave Wittenberg (English)

Hiroshi Yamanaka (山中 浩, Yamanaka Hiroshi) is Kiyo's excessively sports crazed friend. He believes he is in a constant competition with Kiyo when it comes to athletic competions to establish a friendly rivalry with him. He has big dreams of playing in the major leagues one day in his future. He is first introduced in episode 3 after Kiyo foiled Reycom and Hosokawa's bank robbery, telling Kiyo that he "had guts". He is also shown to comfort Suzy when she got 10 percent saying that he and Kiyo's other friends  got perfect zeroes in the same test.

Yama's obseesiion

Yamanaka's Baseball Obsession

Voice Actors

In the original Japanese, he was voiced by Kazunari Tanaka. In the VIZ English dub, he was voiced by Dave Wittenberg. In the Stonestream Recording dub, he was voiced by Christian Sekhanan.

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