The Headmaster is the highest authority at the school that Zatch Bell attended in the Mamodo world. He is 1 million years old, the oldest mamodo in the Mamodo World, and the main decider over who enters the battle to become king. In Zatch Bell! 101st Devil, he did not want to place Wiseman in the battle to become king due to his disdain for the human race. However when a ball that Zatch was playing with the day he was stamping the papers for the 100 mamodos a ball crashed through his window and the wind blew to reveal Gash's profile and as he says "He went with fate that day". He is shown to be extremely wise and has magical control over almost everything in the mamodo world. Students call him "Dozing Principal" (居眠り校長, Inemuri no Kōchō) because of the narcoleptic problems he suffers due to his old age.

Voice Actors

In the original Japanese version, he is voiced by Chikao Ohtsuka. In the Stonestream Recording fan dub, he was voiced by Roger Jones.

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