In the final battle against Clear Note, even with the months of training they had, Zatch and Brago's combined strength proved inadequate against Clear's final form. Zatch and Kiyo refused to accept defeat, and their willpower made the book glow gold. The spirits of all of the Mamodo they had befriended appeared from the book and lent their most powerful spells, more often than not never seen before, to Zatch. These are all the spells Zatch was able to utilize, in order of appearance:

After all this, all the Mamodo in the Mamodo world (along with Brago) lent Zatch their power, which enabled him to use his ultimate spell, Shin Beruwan Bao Zakeruga. With this enormous spell, Zatch defeated Clear and burned his book (his partner was saved by Shin Raifojio), saving the Mamodo World from a fate of genocide and extinction.

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