Go Boren

Go Boren
Wonrei and Li-en
Japanese Name: Gou Bauren (ゴウ・バウレン)
Type: Attack Episode: 38
Chapter: 73 Video Game: Zatch Bell!: Mamodo Battle and Mamodo Fury
Martial arts
Martial Arts
Description: Go Boren is Wonrei's fourth spell. It strengthens Wonrei's fist with energy and then discharges that energy in the form of a punch.
Wonrei and Li-en's Other Spells: Boren, Redoruk, Rerudo, Ganzu Boren, Go Redoruk, Gar Redoruk, Rao Diboren, Go Rerudo, Dio Redoruk, Rofo Diboren, Garfo Diboren, Goraio Diboren, Shin Goraio Diboren

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