Gigano Zegaru

Gigano ZegaruGigano Zegaru (Video game)
Kido and Dr. Riddles
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Japanese Incantation: Gigano Zegaru (ギガノ • ゼガル)
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Type: Attack Episode: 67 (mentioned in 49)
Chapter: 125 (mentioned in 98,111) Video Game: Konjiki no Gash Bell!!: Yuujou Tag Battle!!
Description: Gigano Zegar is one of Kido and Dr. Riddles's spells. It is a powered-up version of Zegaruga, but is fired from the chest and blasts a powerful vortex of energy. It is shown that they were able to use it by episode 49, but the spell was never fully shown until, episode 67 (in chapter 192-193).
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