Gigano Shizaruku

Gigano Shizoruku card
Cut N' Paste and Kiichiro
English Incantation: {{{EN}}}
Japanese Incantation: Gigano Shizaruku (ギガノ・シザルク)
Meaning: {{{Meaning}}}
Type: Attack Episode: 31
Chapter: N/A Video Game: N/A
Description: Cut 'N Paste's strongest and final spell. An enhanced version of Shizaruku, Cut 'N Paste crosses his scissors and launches a laser beam into sky that forms a sphere of hundreds of scissors that transform into a giant, fish-like scissor monster who attacks the enemy. Because he's made out of metal, Cut 'N Paste was defeated by his own spell, when Zatch used his Jikerudo spell on him.
Cut N' Paste and Kiichiro's Other Spells: Voruku, Shizaruku, Paperuku, Ganzu Poreido, Poreidoruku

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