Gigano Bireido (Gigano Bireido)

Gigano Bireido
Robnos, BagoDenshin, Kamakku and Torowa
English Incantation: Gigano Bireido
Japanese Incantation: Gigano Bireido (ギガノ・ビレイド)
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Type: Attack Episode: 41
Chapter: Video Game: Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury
Description: Gigano Bireido is one of Bago and Denshin in the manga; and one of Robnos, Kamakku and Torowa's spells in the anime. A laser beam of intense heat is discharged towards the enemy.
Robnos, BagoDenshin, Kamakku and Torowa's Other Spells: No other known spells