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Mamodo Partner
Fein Sebe
フェイン Fein 清兵衛 Seibei
Fein and Sebe

Fein (フェイン, Fein) and Sebe (清兵衛, Seibei) are another of the early teams. Little is known about them, but their elements are wind and speed and they are very sadistic. Fein is an arrogant mamodo that brags about himself becoming the next king, while Sebe believes that he can do whatever he wants when he uses Fein's powers. Having heard of Zatch's success, they go to Mochinoki to defeat him. They engage Zatch and Kiyo at a condemned building, and initially dominate them with Fein's super-speed abilities, thanks to his speed spell Urukand his whirlwind spell Ugar. Zatch defeats Fein when he uses his thrid spell, Jikerdor for the first time, which magnetizes Fein to a nearby billboard (a water tower in the anime), holding him in place while Zatch burns his book.

In the end of the battle Fein is seen in a picture with all the mamodo pictured by Zatch given to Kiyo.

Spells Edit

The First Spell
Japanese Name:Uigaru (ウイガル)
Type(s):Attack Episode:9 Chapter:21
Description:Fein shoots a shock wave of wind, comparable to a tornado, from his mouth at the opponent.

The Second Spell
Japanese Name:Uruku (ウルク)
Type(s):Assist Episode:9 Chapter:20
Description:Fein's legs are strengthened to enable him to move at incredible speed, fast enough to appear to teleport.

The Third Spell
Japanese Name:Uishiru (ウイシル)
Type(s):Defense Episode:N/A Chapter:N/A
Description:Fein creates a shield made out of air to protect against a frontal attack.

Oru Wigar
The Gust Manipulation Spell
Japanese Name:Oru Uigaru(オル・ウイガル)
Type(s):Attack Episode:N/A Chapter:N/A
Description:Fein creates a gust of wind that can be controlled as he wills it.

Gigano Wigaruga
The Strongest Spell
Japanese Name:Gigano Uigaruga (ギガノ・ウイガルガ)
Type(s):Attack Episode:N/A Chapter:N/A
Description:Creates a large tornado to attack the opponent.

Garu Yuruk
The Sixth Spell
Japanese Name:Garuuruku (ガルウルク)
Type(s):Assist Episode:N/A Chapter:N/A
Description:An enhanced version of Yuruk, Fein attacks his opponents while running at great speed.

Trivia Edit

Fein looks very similar to Hisoka from the Hunter x Hunter franchise.

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