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This feature has the intention to nominate the More Featured articles in this Wiki. So Zatch Bell! Wiki users, start work if you want to have your own work as a featured article. If the indicated article pass on our votation, he will be added to our Featured Articles list and it's content will be seen in the Main Page. If it didn't pass, sorry but you have to work more a bit. To an article reach the Featured status, it must have:

  • At least one image
  • Must be complete (talk in both anime and manga, talk about the differences to the English to the Japanese version...)
  • Must be organized (seperate all it's contents in tables, photos, sectons...)
  • Must have clean language (correct grammar)
January Nominations
Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine Nominate below.
Zatch and Kiyo Dust Nominate Below.
Poll coming soon...


To nominate just edit this section. You must provide a link to the article and a short description of why you believe this article should be nominated. You must sign the nomination as well with ~~~~.

Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine - First off they are the main characters. Their article is messy, but has the most detailed information on it. I believe they should be the first featured article.

 LtEarth-Admin   Talk  Blog  17:21,12/16/2011 

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