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Faudo Cult Mamodo Team
Fango Adler
ファンゴ Fango アドラー Adorā
Fango and Adora
Mamodo Partner
Age: 7-10 19-25
Gender: Male Male
English Actor:
Japanese Actor: Konami Yoshida
Mamodo Team Stats
The Geranium Book
Book Burned In Episode 141 And In Chapter 229.
Debut Episode: 137
Debut Chapter: 207
Book Burned By: Ponygon and Kafk Sunbeam (anime), Riya and Alishie (manga)

Fango (ファンゴ, Fango) and Adler (アドラー, Adorā) are a mamodo team with fire-based abilities that help revive Faudo. At first, he was a mamodo who fought for a good cause, but Faudo's power corrupted his mind into fighting for Zeno and Faudo.

The pair appear first as a team petitioned by Dr. Riddles to join in the fight against Zofis, but they refused. They appear again at the release of Faudo, in which they use their fire, focused through floating discs to attempt to pick the lock.

Fango's role changes from the manga and the anime:


Fango and Adler are teamed up with Jedun and Eskaruro Run and they fight Ponygon and Karudio. When Sauza questions Adler about Faudo destroying the world, Adler answers that the world is worthless with nothing to protect. His cold answer irritates Sauza. Fango was able to overpower them by working in combination with Jedun, something Ponygon and Karudio couldn't do. When Arth's team try to interfere, Fango tells Riou to turn on Faudo's support system which encases the four Mamodos and their respective partners in a glass tube forcing them to battle. He was able to keep them at a disadvantage until Ponygon and Karudio are able to incapacitate Jedun. Fango casts Alsem Gadyudon to try to end the battle but they are able to counter his spell and Adler is caught by Ponygon and Sunbeam, burning their book.

Godufa Fango

Fango with Faudo's power


Fango was quick to switch his allegiance to Zeno once control of Faudo was usurped, earning him a Godufa transformation and a station on the first neck level of Faudo. Fango and Adler appear, along with Zaruchim and Raushin, to fight Riya and Ponygon. Throughout the fight, he keeps arguing with Zaruchim and even hurts him with his spells, wishing to purposely irritate him as much as he can. His personality, as noticed by Li-en, is different, as he was previously a person with ambition and not a person who would attack his partners; this came as a result of taking the Godufa transformation. While fighting he is cornered and decides to use Alsem Gadyudon but Ponygon is able to counter it while Riya uses Shao Neodoruk to defeat Fango and burn his book. Fango endures a final humiliation at the hands of Zaruchim, who seizes his disappearing body and uses it as a shield to protect himself from Riya's spell.


Alsem Gadyudon
The Ultimate Spell
Japanese Name:Arusemu Gadyuudon (アルセム・ガデュウドン)
Type(s):Attack Episode:137 Chapter:208
Description:His strongest spell that creates a huge concentrated beam of fire.

Karping Gadyoo
The Beam Spell
Japanese Name:Kābbingu Gadyuu (カービング・ガデュウ)
Type(s):Attack Episode:141 Chapter:226
Description:Creates a large, concentrated beam of fire.

Wallu Gadyun
The Fire Wall Spell
Japanese Name:Woru Gadyun (ウォル・ガデュン)
Type(s):Attack Episode:141 Chapter:227
Description:Shoots a wall of flames at the opponent.

Ordi Gadyu
The Fire Sphere Spell
Japanese Name:Orudi Gadyuu (オルディ・ガデュウ)
Type(s):Attack Episode:141 Chapter:227
Description:Shoots spheres of fire at the opponent that he can control.

Riol Gadyuga
The Double Fire Blast Spell
Japanese Name:Rioru Gadyuuga (リオル・ガデュウガ)
Type(s):Attack Episode:N/A Chapter:228
Description:Shoots two beams of fire.

Rondo Gadyu
The Fire Whip Spell
Japanese Name:Rondo Gadyuu (ロンド・ガデュウ)
Type(s):Attack Episode:141 Chapter:228
Description:Creates a whip of fire he uses to attack.

Dio Gadyuga
The Fire Ball Spell
Japanese Name:Dio Gadyuuga (ディオ・ガデュウガ)
Type(s):Attack Episode:N/A Chapter:228
Description:Shoots a huge fireball at the opponent.

The First Spell
Japanese Name:Gadyuusen (ガデュウセン)
Type(s):Attack Episode:N/A Chapter:228
Description:Shoots a fireball toward the opponent.

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