Doruku4Baransha doruku 2
Gofure, Baransha, Tsuvai (Manga)
Japanese Name: Doruku (ドルク)
Type: Attack Episode: 4
Chapter: 8 Video Game: Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury
Description: Doruk is one of Gofure's spells. In the manga Baransha also has this spell. It covers either mamodo in a strong rock armor. For Gofure, it also changes his appearance to a larger beast. For Baransha, she is able to go through the earth and rocks while using this spell. For Tsuvai, he curls into a ball and rolls at the enemy, he can also use it dig under ground.
Gofure, Baransha, Tsuvai (Manga)'s Other Spells:

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