Japanese name ドロンバ
Japanese name (rōmaji) Doronba
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Species Human (giant-like)
First appearance (anime) Hashire Gash!! Ubawareta Umagon
First appearance (manga) N/A
Voiced by Kazuyo Aoki (Japanese)
Doronba (ドロンバ), which may be her nickname and not her real name, is the mother of the Phantom Thief Doronma (real name "Kotaro Doronma") and Dorongyu of the Doronma (泥馬どろうま Dorōma) family of thieves. She appears as the final antagonist of the Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Hashire Gash!! Ubawareta Umagon OVA.


Doronba and the others

Dorongyu and Doronma tied up. Their mother Doronba is angry.

Doronba appears at Mochinoki Middle School past midnight when Zatch Bell, Kiyo Takamine, and Tia captured Doronba's children. Doronba is very mad at this and attacks Zatch. When Zatch and Kiyo try to fight together, Kiyo accidentally activates one of Doronma's booby traps, launching Kiyo away from the battle for a while.

Doronba makes the first attack, punching Zatch as he dodges her fist. However, Doronba grabs a hold of Zatch's neck and chokeslams him into the school wall. When Zatch counter attacks by headbutting into Doronba, Doronba fakes the damage and catapults Zatch out of her flabby belly. Doronba then used her tied up son Doronma and threw him to the other children for Doronma to steal Ponygon again, using Ponygon as a hostage. When Kiyo returns to battle, Doronba tells Kiyo to surrender or she'll kill Ponygon. As Ponygon cries in Doronba's hand. Kiyo and the others think that Ponygon wouldn't mind being sacrificed as they cry for Ponygon's "bravery." Pongyon slipped through Doronma's hand during that distraction and Kiyo finishes off the Doronma family with Baou Zakeruga.

After sunset rose on dawn, the Doronma family were arrested by the police.

Powers and abilities

Being a human, Doronba doesn't have any magical powers. However, she is shown to have great physical strength due to her enormous body and despite the size of her body, she has great reflex and speed. She was able to smash Zatch into a wall with her grip. She also has a good body defense and can bounce off attacks with her flabby belly. However, she is not tough enough to tank a Baou Zakeruga from Zatch.


  • Doronba is the second giant female human in the anime after Nana Baba.
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