Dishirudo Doragoruku

Ashuron and Riin Vise
English Incantation: {{{EN}}}
Japanese Incantation: Dishirudo Doragoruku (ディシルド・ドラゴルク)
Meaning: Di- (ディ) = ???
Shirudo (シルド) = Shield
Dorago- (ドラゴ) = Dragon
-ruku (ルク) = Self, Aura, Form
Type: Defense Episode: N/A
Chapter: 288 Video Game: N/A
Description: Dishirudo Doragoruku (ディシルド・ドラゴルク) is one of Ashuron's spells. Shields appear on each of Ashuron's arms. They are not very large, but it can be assumed that they are strong, since Ashuron is a very powerful mamodo.

The spell was only seen once, during Ashuron, Zatch Bell and Brago's battle against Clear Note. It was used to block Clear's Ranzu Radisu, which had wounded Ashuron in a previous battle. However, Clear destroyed the two shields with Gīru Ranzu Radisu, an upgrade of that spell, giving the dragon another wound which contributed to his defeat.

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