Diou Gigorio Gidoruku (Diou Gigorio Gidoruku)

Karudio and Sauzaa
English Incantation: Diou Gigorio Gidoruku
Japanese Incantation: Diou Gigorio Gidoruku (ディオウ • ギゴリオ • ギドルク)
Meaning: {{{Meaning}}}
Type: Attack Episode: N/A
Chapter: 244 Video Game: N/A
Description: Diou Gigorio Gidoruku is Karudio's strongest known spell. Karudio's ice-based armor is further upgraded, increaseing his speed and freezing abilities to the point where he can even freeze the flames used by the gaurdian of Faudo's heart.
Karudio and Sauzaa's Other Spells:

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