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Dioga Gorugojio

Dioga Gorugojio Card
Goren of the Stone
Japanese Name: Dioga Gorugojio (ディオガ・ゴルゴジオ)
Type: Attack Episode:
Chapter: Video Game: Konjiki no gash bell!! Card Game (GBA)
Description: Dioga Gorugojio is one of Goren's spells. The spell allows Goren to release a large beam of light to turn his enemy along with their book into a stone tablet, trapping them for a thousand years. With this spell, he was responsible for turning about 40 mamodo into stone. This spell is permanent, as the victims were still in stone even after the battle for king was over, forcing the mamodo to stay in the human world trapped as stone. It was until Zofis was able to release the mamodo using the stone of moonlight that the spell wore off. Apparently, if a mamodo is turned into stone by this spell, it counts as a defeat for the battle for mamodo king.
Goren of the Stone's Other Spells:

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