Dioborosu Za Randamiito

Dioborosu za randamito
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Japanese Incantation: Dioborosu Za Randamīto (ディオボロス・ザ・ランダミート)
Meaning: Dioborosu (ディオボロス) = Dark Energy
Za (ザ) = Possibly meaning "the"
Randamito (ランダミート) = Possibly meaning "randomness"
Type: Attack Episode: N/A
Chapter: 283 Video Game:
The "Black Room"
Description: Dioborosu Za Randamīto (ディオボロス・ザ・ランダミート) is one of Gorm's spells. Gorm summons a cube surrounded by many triangles and circles of destructive dark energy. The shapes engulf and destroy anything they touch, and Mir can control their direction.
Gorm's Other Spells: Dioborosu, Bojirudo Dioborosu, Gigano Dioborosu, Bākureido Dioborosu, Wī Mū Wō Jingamuru Dioborosu