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Japanese Incantation: Dikaporuku (ディカポルク)
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Type: Assist Episode: 41
Chapter: 87 Video Game: ????
Description: Dikaporuk is Kanchomé's third spell. It creates the illusion of a gigantic Kanchomé at a staggering height of over 40 feet tall; the real Kanchomé, however, is his original size and strength. Impact of spells on the illusion will create clouds on impact, giving the impression that they have done damage when they merely pass through; the effectiveness of this spell is to trick enemies into using up all their strength in attacking the hologram.
Kanchomé's Other Spells: Poruku, Koporuku, Dima Buruku, Fo Supuporuku, Miriararu Poruku, Shin Poruku, Gaporuk

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