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Danny Boy

Danny Boy
Zatch, Danny and Mr. Goldo discover where the state of Shemira is
Japanese title
Season 01
Episode # 27
Chapter(s) 64, 65, 66
Japanese airdate 12 October of 2003
English airdate 10 September of 2005
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Danny Boy (わが息子ダニー Waga musuko Danii) is Zatch Bell! series episode 27, in the anime overall. It was shown originally in September 10, 2005. In this episode, the mamodo's name is Danny and Mr. Goldo, who is trying to protect the Shemira Statue from the robbers. The main villains are the Museum Director and his men. The actor of Danny in the english dubbed is Yuri Lowenthal, and the actor of Mr. Goldo is Jeff Nimoy.


Kiyo shows a news paper that shows the Shemira statue, but Zatch wanted was yellowtail that Zatch imagned. The mamodo is called Danny and his bookowner is Mr. Goldo which calls him Danny Boy which makes Danny to vomit outside the window. Mr. Goldo tells him that that's enough of that, but calls him a boy, which irritates Danny, however he tells him to stop calling him that, because he's not a kid.

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  • A few scenes of this episode were lightly edited in the english version, due to the use of gunfire and much blood shown in the original one.