Chichi wo Moge! ~More Moge! version~
Chichi wo Moge! ~More Moge! version~
Japanese name チチをもげ!~モアもげ!バージョン~, Chichi o Moge! ~Moa Moge! bājon~
Release Date October 10, 2003
Length 16:09
Catalog Number NECM-12051
Release Price ¥1,250
Publisher(s) NEC Interchannel, King Records (distributor)
Composer(s) Nobuhiko Kashiwara, Michihiko Ohta
Arranger(s) Nobuhiko Kashiwara, Michihiko Ohta
Performed by Hiroki Takahashi
Lyrics by Akatsuki Yamatoya, Makoto Raiku

Chichi wo Moge! ~More Moge! version~ (チチをもげ!~モアもげ!バージョン~, lit. "Groping Breasts! ~More Grope! version~") is a song and single based on the Konjiki no Gash Bell!!/Zatch Bell! anime. This single was released in Japan on October 10, 2003 by NEC Interchannel and King Records.

"Chichi wo Moge! ~More Moge! version~" is an extended version of Parco Folgore (Hiroki Takahashi)'s famous "Chichi wo Moge" (チチをもげ, lit. "Groping Breasts", known as "Hey Hey Let's Dance All Day" in the English dub of the anime). This version of "Chichi wo Moge" sounds no different than the original version but this version does have an extended outro. At the end of the song, a live crowd screams and yells "Moge, moge!" repeatedly and an encore of "Chichi wo Moge" plays as the song fades out.

An Italian Bastard version of "Muteki Folgore" (無敵フォルゴレ, lit. "Invincible Folgore") as well as a "hyper" mix of "Chichi wo Moge", which also includes an instrumental version, are exclusive to this single.

Track listing

No. Title Writer(s) Performer(s) Length
1 "Chichi wo Moge! ~More Moge! version~" (チチをもげ!~モアもげ!バージョン~ Chichi o Moge! ~Moa Moge! bājon~, eng. Groping Breasts! ~More Grope! version~) Nobuhiko Kashiwara (composer/arranger), Akatsuki Yamatoya (lyrics), Makoto Raiku (lyrics) Parco Folgore (Hiroki Takahashi) 3:58
2 "Muteki Folgore ~Italia Yarō version~" (無敵フォルゴレ~イタリア野郎ヴァージョン~ Muteki Folgore ~Italia Yarō bājon~, eng. Invincible Folgore ~Italy Bastard version~) Michihiko Ohta (composer/arranger), Akatsuki Yamatoya (lyrics), Makoto Raiku (lyrics) Parco Folgore (Hiroki Takahashi) 3:53
3 "Chichi wo Moge! ~Hyper Moge! mix~" (チチをもげ!~ハイパーもげ!ミックス~ Chichi o Moge! ~Haipā Moge! mikkusu~, eng. Groping Breasts! ~Hyper Grope! mix~) Nobuhiko Kashiwara (composer/arranger), Akatsuki Yamatoya (lyrics), Makoto Raiku (lyrics) Parco Folgore (Hiroki Takahashi) 4:10
4 "Chichi wo Moge! ~Hyper Moge! mix~ (original karaoke)" (チチをもげ!~ハイパーもげ!ミックス~(オリジナル・カラオケ) Chichi o Moge! ~Haipā Moge! mikkusu~ (orijinaru karaoke), eng. Groping Breasts! ~Hyper Grope! mix~ (original karaoke)) Nobuhiko Kashiwara (composer/arranger) N/A 4:08

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