Chāguru Imisudon (Chagur Imisdon)

Chaaguru Imisudon
English Incantation: Chagur Imisdon
Japanese Incantation: Chāguru Imisudon (チャーグル・イミスドン)
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Type: Attack Episode: 63
Chapter: 118 Video Game: Zatch Bell! Mamodo Battles
Description: Chaaguru Imisudon is Victoream's strongest spell, apart from the spell in The Golden Spellbook. Victoream arranges his body into a V shape, gathers power to the five lights on his body using Chaaguru, then shoots a colossal, rainbow-colored (though primarily light purple) V-shaped laser at the foe. It is revealed in the manga that the spell can be fired without lighting all five orbs, but it will not be at full power.

Victoream's lines while preparing this spell:

"My body in V formation!"
"Power of anger to my right arm!" "Chaaguru!"
"My strength to my right shoulder!" "Chaaguru!"
"Power of hatred to my left arm!" "Chaaguru!"
"The heart of great pride to my left shoulder!" "Chaaguru!"
"The power of my beauty to the final light!" "Chaaguru!"
"The splendid power of V to the apex!" "Chaaguru!"
"Chaaguru Imisudon!"

Victoream's Other Spells: Maguruga, Maguru Yo-Yo, Chaaguru, Shin Chaaguru Imisudon