S-001 Zaker {Thunder}

SPELL cards (術カード jutsu kādo, lit. "spell card" or "technique card", and labeled as "術" (jutsu)) are a type of card in Zatch Bell! The Card Battle used during Battle to initiate an Attack or Defense and provide additional Power (魔力 Maryoku, lit. "Magical Power") to MAMODO cards. SPELL cards are played by showing them to your opponent and always remain in the pocket of the Spell Book. They can ONLY be played for the specific MAMODO card listed on the SPELL card, and can be used for any variation of the listed MAMODO's name (for instance, if a SPELL card lists "Gofure" as the MAMODO, the card can be used for "Gofure" or "Gofure (Transformed)". SPELL cards with an "A" icon may only be played for Attack, while those with a "D" icon may only be played for Defending. MP (Magical Point) costs must be paid to bring SPELL cards into play.


There are eight known elemental attributes (属性 zokusei) for SPELL cards. In the American cards, these attributes are subtitled in curvy brackets next to the card name. In the Japanese cards, these attributes have icons in the bottom-right area of the card description box. Not every SPELL card has an attribute and these attributes may be influenced in certain card effects, such as S-062 Raja Freezudo {Ice}.

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