Martial arts
Martial Arts

Martial Arts Magic, also known as Battle Magic, Combat Magic, or Melee Magic, is a type of magic used in martial arts to enhance the fighter's powers or to unleash powerful martial arts techniques. Energy Energy Magic is commonly associated among Martial Arts Magic when using the user's own inner energy or vital force, traditionally known as chi, qi, or ki (氣). Martial Arts Magic can be a form of weaponry magic when using magic on melee weapons such as staffs, nunchaku, batons, daggers, claws, swords, etc. There are various spell phrases involved in Martial Art spells depending on the fighting technique including but not limited to:

  • Amu (アム, dubbed as "Arm"), meaning arm, although most arm-based spells aren't necessary related to Martial Arts Magic.
  • Bauren (バウレン, dubbed as "Boren"), meaning punch or fist.
  • Erudo (エルド), meaning rod or staff (棒 ), used in bōjutsu (棒術, lit. "staff technique").
  • Kurou (クロウ), literally meaning claw, used for Claw Claw Magic.
  • Redo (レド), meaning kick.
  • Sorudo (ソルド, sometimes dubbed as "Swordo"), used in kenjutsu (剣術, lit. "sword technique") and the spell phrase used in Swords Sword Magic.

Sometimes, Martial Arts Magic is associated with Beasts Beast Magic when fighting using animal spirits as spells such as Raou Dibauren (spirit of the tiger used in fist technique) and Zaou Giruerudo (spirit of the shark used in bōjutsu).

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