Brago and Sherry formed a rocky friendship at the start due to Brago's contempt of her weakness. However, their friendship strengthens through the various battles they had encountered. While Brago often protected Sherry, he would claim that this was because if Sherry got hurt, she would be useless to him. However, later in the series, Brago appears to genuinely care about Sherry's well being. In the final battle, as Zatch's "Bao Zakeruga" breaks through Brago's "Shin Barberuga Gravidon", Brago thanks Sherry for being his partner, finally admitting that he would never have gotten that far without her help and causing Sherry to cry on his shoulder, showing that becoming king did not matter to Brago anymore. Brago's final words to Sherry were "I was happy...I had you as a partner."

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