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Ancient Mamodo
Belgim E.O
ベルギム・E・O Berugimu E.O
Belugim EO
Mamodo Stats
Age: 6
Gender: Male
English Actor:
Japanese Actor: Shigeru Chiba
Mamodo Team Stats
Partner: Dalia

Dalia Anjé (ダリア・アンジェ Daria Anje)

The Dark Orange Book
Book Burned In Episode 73 And In Chapter 136.
Debut Episode:
Debut Chapter: 129
Book Burned By: Kido and Dr. Riddles
Belgim E.O (ベルギム・E・O, Berugimu E.O), one of the Four Supreme Mamodo, and his present-day bookkeeper Dalia Anjé (ダリア・アンジェ, Daria Anje) are confronted by Kanchomé and Parco Folgore and Kido and Dr. Riddles in the ruins. Belgim E.O. sits on an oversized throne and rarely moves from it, although he is capable of standing on his own. His spells revolve around ghosts. Dalia Anjé is not controlled by Zofis, but seems genuinely insane, as her only dialog outside of reading spells is mad laughter (and one scream when she saw Kanchomé's Dika Poruk spell.) Belgim E.O. is very powerful, but easily appeased if he is entertained, although if he becomes bored, he gets angry and attacks. The "E.O." stands for Intolerant Overlord [sic] (in the
Belugim EO1

Belgim EO to the see the magic Mikor Ma Zegaruga

Japanese version, it stands for 椅子 isu, meaning chair, which starts with the hard E sound, and お仕置き oshioki, meaning punishment, which starts with the hard O sound). Belgim is eventually defeated by Kido's most powerful spell, Mikor Ma Zegaruga, although Kido's own book is burned in the process.


Belgim EOEdit

Belgim EO has gray skin, fiery yellow orange eyes (but no eyeballs) and a facial appearence which makes him look like a skeleton. He also wears a black and orange striped headress and a matching kilt. The end of his kilt is ripped. He also wears pointy orange shoes and a kind of purple armor which appears to cover part of his chest. He also has two large, frankenstein-style bolts sticking into his shoulders. His oversized throne is also the same colour as his skin.

Dalia AnjeEdit

Dalia has black hair with dark purple highlights and lime green eyes. She wears a dark pink dress. In episode 89, she wears a white and dark blue sailor dress with a red scarf.

Belgim Eo 4

In Episode 89


Gigano Ryusu
The Ghost Orb Spell
Japanese Name:Gigano Ryuusu (ギガノ・リュウス)
Type(s):Attack Episode:72 Chapter:134
Description:An orb with swirling ghostly faces on it's surface is released from Belgim's mouth.

Ganzu Gou Ryuga
The Ghost Guns Spell
Japanese Name:Ganzu Gou Ryuuga (ガンズ・ゴウ・リュウガ)
Type(s):Attack Episode:72 Chapter:134
Description:Guns appear on Belgim's shoulders and fire at the opponent.

Erumu Ryuga
The Ghost Flame Spell
Japanese Name:Erumu Ryuuga (エルム・リュウガ)
Type(s):Attack Episode:72 Chapter:134
Description:Flame erupts from Belgim's mouth.

Ryuzu Yoyo
The Ghost Yoyo Spell
Japanese Name:Ryuuzu Yōyō (リュウズ・ヨーヨー)
Type(s):Attack Episode:72 Chapter:134
Description:Belgim stretches his arms and attacks the opponent with flaming yo-yo's replacing his hands.

Ryusureido Kiroro
The Energy Ring Sword Spell
Japanese Name:Ryuuzurēdo Kiroro (リュウズレード・キロロ)
Type(s):Attack Episode:72 Chapter:134
Description:Creates a ring of energy around Belgim's chair that has other sword-like energy beams coming from it.

Dioga Ryusudon
The Terrorific Ghost Orb Spell
Japanese Name:Dioga Ryuusudon (ディオガ・リュウスドン)
Type(s):Attack Episode:72 Chapter:135
Description:A massive ghostly orb is released that has huge destructive power.

Spell books they burnedEdit

  • Kido, in the Devolo Ruins (episode 73)

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