Battle in Hong Kong

Japanese title
Season 1
Episode # 37
Arc Mamodo Battle
Japanese airdate
English airdate
Episode guide
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Previous episode Collision: Zatch vs. Naomi
Next episode Battle in Hong Kong Part 2


Li-en asks her father to return Wonrei to her but he refuses and sends her to Japan. On the way to the movies, Zatch and Kiyo's book is stolen by Li-en. She then returns their book and tells Kiyo that her father is a mafia boss and that he captured her Mamodo Wonrei. She asks Kiyo to help her free Wonrei. They travel to Hong Kong to an island where Li-en's father's mafia keep their treasure and weapons. After defeating some men on the way, they take an elevator to the top of the island where Wonrei is imprisoned. At the top of the island however is the Mamodo Zabas and his partner Galliont are awaiting for the elevator's arrival.

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