Barudo Forusu

Barudo Forusu
Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine
Japanese Name: Barudo Forusu (バルド フォルス)
Type: Attack Episode: Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Movie 1: Unlisted Demon #101
Chapter: N/A Video Game: N/A
Description: Barudo Forusu is a movie-exclusive spell used by Gash, Tio, Kanchomé and Umagon. When Tio, Kanchomé, and Umagon use first this spell, they start to build power that Gash receives. When all four bookkeepers recite the spell again, it creates a large phoenix made of lightning to attack the opponent. The White Spellbook was unable to absorb this spell's power, and consequently burst into flames.
Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine's Other Spells: Zakeru, Rashield, Jikerdor, Baou Zakeruga, Zakeruga, Rauzaruk, Zagurzem, Ganreizu Zakeru, Teozaker, Baou Kurou Disugurugu, Maazu Jikerudon, Jiou Renzu Zakeruga, Ekuseresu Zakeruga, Shin Beruwan Bao Zakeruga

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