Barubarosu Sorudo

Barubasu sorudo Card
Japanese Name: Barubarosu Sorudon (バルバロス・ソルドン)
Type: Attack Episode: 101
Chapter: 172 Video Game: N/A
Description: Barubarosu Sorudon is one of Arth's spells. This spell raises a huge sword held by two metallic hands to launch a coup against the enemy horizontal. Before performing the spell, a chant must be say: "I shall mold the form of the sealed god, and crush their spell in an instant" (我が封神の型をとりて、一心に彼奴の術を打ち破らん!!!, Ware ga fuujin no kata wo torite, isshin ni aitsu no jutsu wo uchiyaburan! ! !)
Arth's Other Spells:

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