Barubarosu Sorudon

Barubasu sorudo Card
English Incantation: {{{EN}}}
Japanese Incantation: Barubarosu Sorudon (バルバロス・ソルドン)
Meaning: Barubarosu (バルバロス) = Possibly the name of the sword
Sorudon (ソルドン) = Large Sword
Type: Attack Episode: 101
Chapter: 172 Video Game: N/A
Description: Barubarosu Sorudon (バルバロス・ソルドン) is one of Arth's spells. This spell raises a huge sword held by two metallic hands to launch a coup against the enemy horizontal. Before performing the spell, the following incantation must be chanted: "I shall mold the form of the sealed god, and crush their spell in an instant!!! Barubarosu Sorudon!" (我が封神の型をとりて、一心に彼奴の術を打ち破らん!!! Ware ga fūjin no kata wo torite, isshin ni aitsu no jutsu wo uchiyaburan!!! Barubarosu Sorudon!)
Arth's Other Spells: Sorusen, Gou Sorudo, Jyan Ji Sorudo, Borusen, Urusoruto, Jerudo Ma Sorudo, Gyan Bagyamu Sorudon, Godima Sorudo, Varusere Ozu Māru Sorudon, Shin Varusere Ozu Māru Sorudon

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