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Ancient Mamodo
バムウ Bamuu
Mamodo Stats
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
English Actor: David Lodge
Japanese Actor: Mayumi Yamaguchi
Mamodo Team Stats
Partner: Luke Brown Luke Brown (ルーク・ブラウン Rūku Buraun)
The Olive Yellow Book
Book Burned In Episode 60 And In Chapter 127.
Debut Episode: 60
Debut Chapter: 127
Book Burned By: Brago and Sherry Belmont

Bamu (バムウ, Bamuu) and Luke Brown (ルーク・ブラウン, Rūku Buraun) are a minor ancient mamodo team who only appeared in episode 60, when they fight Brago, but they're easly defeated only for his Dioga Gurabidon. Their spells are based on Energy Waves. Luke Brown is a human who has his mind brainwashed by Zofis, but he was saved by Sherry, once Bamu's book was burned. Bamu's english voice is provided for David Lodge.


As Zatch and Kiyo, along with Tia and Megumi fight Alm and Gelios, Brago and Sherry fight Bamu in place near to Devolo Ruins. After a surprise attack, Brago easily destroy it with his arm. Then he uses Ganjes Barufrei, expecting that Brago would protect Sherry and get all the damage. But while Bamu gets surprise with the fact that Brago goes ahead and Sherry escapes from all lasers, she uses a single Dioga Gravidon, which is needed to burn his book. However, in the manga, the fight is the same, but instead of being while Alm and Gelios are confronted, it happens after Kido, Dr. Riddles, Wonrei and Li-en save the team (which happens in episode 68).


Ability: Energy Waves

Alignment: Evil

Spellbook Color: Olive Yellow

Book Burned By: Brago and Sherry Belmont


Oru Fureiga
Japanese Name:Oru Fureiga (オル・フレイガ)
Type(s):Attack Episode:60 Chapter:127
Description:Summons a red operational energy wave.

Ganjes Barufrei
Japanese Name:Ganjasu Barufurei (ガンジャス・バルフレイ)
Type(s):Attack Episode:60 Chapter:127
Description:Many similar waves erupt from the ground.

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