Badios and Charmy

Badios (Charmy is behind Penny)

Badios (バディオス Badiosu) and Charmy (チャーミー Chāmī) are a Mamodo team who fight during the Ancient Mamodo Arc. Badios is responsible for taking the 'leader' and her mamodos to stop the invasion attempting to destroy the Moonlight Stone. Badios is more seen as carrying Penny, Byonko and another Mamodo to the places. Charmy, along with other Mamodo's bookeeper, is brainwashed for Zofis. He is last seen in episode 87/88 during a fight with Brago. Their spells are the same as Robnos and Erujo.


Along with the other thousand year Mamodo, Badios too was forced to work for Zofis, assisting Penny and Byonko, for carrying them to another places, as distant cities along with Ferius, who has the same function. He sometimes attacked the 'invasors'. In the end of the Ancient Mamodo Arc, they are defeated by Brago.


Ability: Laser

Alignment: Evil

Spellbook Color: Light Yellow

Booked Burned By: Brago and Sherry


  • Biraitsu: A laser-like beam is shot from him.

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