Baberuga Very Melon

Baberuga Very Melon
English Incantation:
Japanese Incantation: Baberuga Berīmeron (バベルガ・ベリーメロン)
Meaning: Baberuga = ???
Berīmeron (ベリーメロン) = Very Melon
Type: Attack Episode: 89
Chapter: N/A Video Game: N/A
Description: Baberuga Very Melon (バベルガ・ベリーメロン Baberuga Berīmeron) is one of Victoream spells and a gag spell in the anime. He launches a giant explosive melon to the enemy, but that's not a real spell, and it only appeared in a history made by Folgore. Victoream only gained that spell by eating a "special melon".
Victoream's Other Spells: Maguruga, Maguru Yo-Yo, Chāguru Imisudon, Shin Chāguru Imisudon