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Faudo Cult Mamodo Team
Arth Ellie
アース Āsu エリー Erī
Cha earth
Mamodo Partner
Age: 17 7
Gender: Male Female
English Actor: Randall Montgomery Sandy Fox
Japanese Actor: Hideyuki Umezu Konami Yoshida
Mamodo Team Stats
The Purple Book
Book Burned In Episode 146 And In Chapter 283.
Debut Episode: 101
Debut Chapter: 169
Book Burned By:

Arth (アースĀsu) and Ellie (エリーErī) are a crucial ally team introduced during the Faudo Arc. Their ability is swords. Also, they have a natural ability which is the sword Arth used can absorb other mamodo energy when they get hit or touched.


Arth is a Mamodo who appears like a living armor and descended from a long line of peacekeepers. He hopes that when he becomes the Mamodo King, he can write up laws that will bring about peace and stability. He initially encounters his partner living in a Finnish hospital. But because she was a small girl living with a terminal illness, Ellie initially refuses Arth's request, believing that she would die in the midst of the battle to be king making him vulnerable. However, when Gani Fest starts attacking the defenseless Arth, Ellie finally takes up his book and sides with him in the fight. Although small and young, Ellie is wise beyond her years and is capable of great strategies while Arth knows of many of the legends of the Mamodo world. Arth and Ellie's relationship is notably similar to that between a master and servant (at Arth's request). Arth is shown to be extremely soft when concerning his partner, demonstrated when he starts crying after Ellie's curse was lifted, much to Ellie's embarrassment.

Initially encountering Zatch with knowledge of the threat of the awakening Faudo Tower, Arth and Ellie test them to discover the power of the legendary Bao spell, which they understood were key both to awaken and ultimately defeat the massive Mamodo. However, Riou still uses the duo to his own advantage, placing his curse on Ellie and subsequently reawakening her disease. However, Ellie still resists to fight along Riou, who sends Hougan to call them back, but the duo is easly defeated. Due to this, Arth, as well as Zatch, play along in using their spells to wake Faudo. But after lifting the seal, Arth soon helps in the effort to eliminate the tower, working with Karudio to destroy the Heart Guardian and set the controls for return.

After Faudo's defeat, Arth and Ellie were one of the ten remaining Mamodo teams in the King Festival. Because of the strain suffered during the battle of Faudo, Ellie's illness worsened. Coupled with the discovery of a cure, Arth wishes to depart for Ellie's survival, much to her dismay. Soon after, they were the first team targeted for sendback by the beetle Mamodo Goomu. Because Ellie's illness gave them a disadvantage, they were ultimately defeated. As Arth fears for his possible death by the King's power, Ellie reassures him that Zatch and his allies are still in the competition, and that she will plead with Zatch to allow him to live and become his law advisor. After sharing one last hug, Arth returns to the Mamodo world feeling certain he will be revived. Arth ranked 10th place in the fight overall.

Ellie is shown praying hard for Zatch's victory against Clear after receiving their letter. Arth is one of the mamodo who appears to Zatch when his book becomes gold during the fight with Clear Note. One month after Zatch becomes king, Arth has been appointed as his law advisor and is shown helping Zatch with his study of how to become king. 

They're placed 10th in the battle.


The First Spell
Japanese Name: Sorudo (ソルド)
Type(s): Assist Episode: N/A Chapter: 282 (Flashback)
Description: Strengthens Arth's sword for a short period of time.

The Sword-launching Spell
Japanese Name: Sorusen (ソルセン)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 101 Chapter: 170
Description: Enables Arth to fire the blade of his sword at the enemy.

Go Swordo
The Slashing Spell
Japanese Name: Gou Sorudo (ゴウ・ソルド)
Type(s): Attack/Assist Episode: 101 Chapter: 170
Description: The second spell strenghtens Arth's sword. He slashes multiple times with his glowing sword until it's a blur.

Jan Ji Swordo
The Summoning Spell
Japanese Name: Jan Ji Sorudo (ジャン・ジ・ソルド)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 101 Chapter: 170
Description: Summons an enormous sword which he uses accordingly.

The Illusion Spell
Japanese Name: Borusen (ボルセン)
Type(s): Assist Episode: 101 Chapter: 171
Description: Arth's body/movement is transformed into an illusion.

The Speed Spell
Japanese Name: Urusoruto (ウルソルト)
Type(s): Assist Episode: 102 Chapter: 171
Description: This spell increases Arth's speed.

Jerdo Ma Swordo
The Shockwave Spell
Japanese Name: Jerudo Ma Sorudo (ジェルド・マ・ソルド)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 102 Chapter: 171
Description: A mysterious energy wave surrounds Arth and with a swing of his sword he creates a large shockwave that batters the opponent

Barbaros Swordon
The 1st Trump Spell
Japanese Name: Barubarosu Sorudo (バルバロス・ソルドン)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 102 Chapter: 172
Description: Summons an enormous two-handed sword; one of Arth's three trump cards.

Gyan Bagyam Swordon
The 2nd Trump Spell
Japanese Name: Gyan Bagyamu Sorudon (ギャン・バギャム・ソルドン)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 137 Chapter: 243
Description: Spell creates an enormous black sword that cleaves with great power; one of Arth's three trump cards.

Godima Swordo
The Pressure-Cut Spell
Japanese Name: Godima Swordo (ゴディマ・ソルド)
Type(s): Attack Episode: N/A Chapter: 243
Description: A spell with which his sword is concentrated with energy and the pressure created cuts through objects.

Varusere Ozu Maru Sorudon
The Final Trump Spell
Japanese Name: Varusere Ozu Māru Sorudon (ヴァルセレ・オズ・マール・ソルドン)
Type(s): Attack Episode: N/A Chapter: 171(mentioned) 283(debut)
Description: A spell which creates a multitude of massive swords that besiege the enemy; the strongest of Arth's three trump cards.

Shin Varusere Ozu Maaru Sorudon
The Golden Book Spell
Japanese Name: Shin Varusere Ozu Māru Sorudon (シン・ヴァルセレ・オズ・マール・ソルドン)
Type(s): Attack Episode: N/A Chapter: 318
Description: A stronger version of Varusere Ozu Maru Sorudo, seen only in Zatch's Golden Spellbook, and Arth's strongest spell.


  • Arth is the last remaining Mamodo in the fight to carry his own weapon.
  • Arth is the only mamodo that perform a chant before using an spell (specifically Barbaros Swordon, Gyan Bagyam Swordon and Varusere Ozu Maru Sorudo)
  • Among Zatch's friends, Arth has the shortest and the youngest bookkeeper.
  • Arth is the only Mamodo in the fight who has ever been seen reading Mamodo language.
  • Arth is the only Mamodo that Zatch meets in the Faudo Arc that makes it through without getting his book burned. This is not true in the anime.
  • Arth's appearance is loosely based on what Zatch would have looked like in Makoto Raiku's "Toy/Knight" idea.
  • In the Japan only game Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Go! Go! Mamono Fight!!, Arth's sound effects and voice are what seem to be a sped up elephant screech.
  • Arth has magic paper used to conceal things. He used it only in the manga to cover the lock to the device that would send Faudo back to the mamodo world.

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