Apollo, The Free Traveler is an episode from Zatch Bell

Kiyo: Uh huh? Uh, so I've been told.

(Rops finishes the rolls, as he spits out the clam and cheese roll.)

Apollo: Hahaha! You're not gonna tell me that you don't like clam and cheese roll. Because, they're my favorite. (picks Rops up.) Well don't worry, pal I won't hold it against you. I've found a good traveling companion to keep me company. He's a cute little thing too, isn't he, don't you think? (throws Rops up as he squeaks, and Apollo laughs.) Your time's Rops power come in handy, but to tending the truth, I have no real use for. If only they would leave us in peace.

Kiyo: (thinking) Wow, Apollo is a lot nicer than I expected. He doesn't want to battle, unlike most other humans out from across holding a spell book, and mamodo. (shows the flashback of these mamodos fighting, it's Reycom, Gofure, Fein, Eshros, Hyde, and Robnos. The flashback ends.) Maybe Zatch and I don't have to fight em after all. Maybe we can let all this mamodo who will become king business rest for a while. And I'll be friends.

Apollo: Any for your thoughts?

Kiyo: Huh? Oh, I-I was just thinking about everything Zatch and I have been though. Oh, by the way, Zatch is my mamodo's name Zatch. Zatch Bell. And I really want to help him to become the king of the mamodo world. (the flashback starts when Kiyo is trapped is the school building, Zatch getting angry.) He's helped me out some really tough spots, you have no idea. Well, maybe you do, and I'm not used to letting someone help me. That's been hard for me. But, when Zatch said when he wanted to become a kind hearted king. Well, how could I say no? I have to help him achieve his goal, I'll never won. (Apollo's eyes gazes.) If only... if only there were some way for Zatch to become king without having to fight you.

Apollo: Hmm...

Kiyo: I'm glad we didn't end up ruining such a day at this gorgous park. When some great big giant battle royale. (picks his back pack, he gets up) Well, I guess I'll be going.

Apollo: Nice to meet you. Say goodbye, Rops. (he pets Rops as he squeaks, he chuckles.)

Kiyo: Catch you later. Oh uh, one last thing before I go. (Rops and Apollo gets surprised.) You see the thing is, I was wondering if... I can't believe that I'm saying this. Is life on the road really enough for you? I mean, don't you want some kind of a challenge now and then? Never mind, forget what I said. See ya.

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