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Ancient Mamodo
アルム Alumu
Mamodo Stats
Age: Unknown (at least 1,000 years chronologically)
Gender: Male
English Actor: Julianne Buescher
Japanese Actor: Kumiko Watanabe
Current Partner Stats
Name: Mamiko Takahashi (高橋真美子)
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Previous Partner Stats
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Mamodo Team Stats
The Dark Powder Blue Book
Book Burned In Episode 61 And In Chapter 116.
Debut Episode: 57
Debut Chapter: 111
Book Burned By: Tia and Megumi Ooumi

Alm is an ancient mamodo that appeared in the Ancient Mamodo Arc. Mamiko is his partner, although her heart was being controlled by Zofis.



Alm first appears along with The Silent Rulers in the battle against Brago; however, she does not fight and instead spectates. He appears inside the Water reservatory along with Gelios. When Kiyo and company find them, he is destroying walls, using all the power and freedom Zofis has given him he says. He says that Zofis lets them be free and do whatever they want, although there are some restrictions and rules. Alm seems to be very thankful that Zofis freed him from the stone tablet he was in. Like Laila, he never wants to go back to that world of silence and imprisonment. He engages in combat with Zatch and Tia after chasing Kanchomé through the ruins. Although Zatch doesn't want to hurt Alm because he feels sorry for him so, he goes straight for Mamiko and Alm's book in order to burn it. While Alm's book is burning he tells Zatch that Zofis is in the tower and that Zatch will never make it through with his technique, trying to burn the book without hurting the mamodo or the human. When Alm and Gelios' books are completely burned, he only has a few seconds before he returns to the mamodo world, and reminds Zatch to be strong.

In the manga, Alm is seen supporting Zatch in his final attack against Clear Note and is presumed to have his body restored and living peacefully along with the other Mamodos after Zatch has become king.


Alm looks somewhat like a clown. He has a small red ball on his nose, a purple shirt that has eight buttons, four on each side. Alm's arms (or maybe they're gloves) are red. He wears a navy blue hat (maybe it's his hair) that has four big spikes, and navy blue shoes. He also wears a navy blue underwear-type piece of clothing. Alm's eyes are big and yellow and don't have pupils. He has dirty blonde hair in a curl in the middle of his forehead and has teeth that look extremely sharp

Mamiko Takahashi

Not much is known about Mamiko as her heart was being controlled by Zofis. Although after she is released from the curse, it is known that she is a Folgore fan. She is voiced by Akemi Okamura


Mamiko is wearing a school uniform that consists of a short-sleaves white button down shirt with a red bow tie, a gray mini skirt, white tennis shoes, and gray knee socks. Her hair is a light orange in a very odd style. On both sides are to horn-like points with small strands on the side of her face


The First Spell
Japanese Name: Neshiru (ネシル)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 61 Chapter: 112
Description: He fires a giant yellow sphere from his hands.

Japanese Name: Neshiruga (ネシルガ)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 59 Chapter: 113
Description: Shoots two strong lasers.

Ganjes Neshiruga
Japanese Name: Ganjasu Neshiruga (ガンジャス ネシルガ)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 63 Chapter: 113
Description: Alm furiously pounds the ground and energy beams erupt to attack.

Egdoris Neshiruga
The Strongest Spell
Japanese Name: Egudorisu Neshiruga (エグドリス ネシルガ)
Type(s): Attack Episode: 61 Chapter: 115
Description: Shoots a pyramid shaped bomb.


  • Alm is the first Ancient Mamodo to be shown speaking.
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