Aku Supureido (Ak Spreid)

Aku Supureido
Penny and Uri
English Incantation: Ak Spreid
Japanese Incantation: Aku Supureido (アク・スプレイド)
Meaning: Aku- (アク) = Water
Supureido (スプレイド) = Spread
Type: Attack Episode: 52
Chapter: 101 Video Game: ????
Description: Ak Spreid (アク・スプレイド Aku Supureido) is one of Penny's spells. She summons a wave of water. Penny can use Ashirudo's water and the absorbed attacks to attack her opponents and use this spell to reflect attacks with a surf of water. She was able to absorb Zatch's lightning spells and attack them with a wave of electric water.
Penny and Uri's Other Spells: Akuru, Aku Supureido, Oruda Akuron, Akuru Kiroro, Akurouku, Suou Giakuru, Ganzu Akuru, Akuruga, Shin Suou Giakuru

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