Mamodo Partner
Akatsuki Sakurada
アカツキ Akatsuki 桜田 Sakurada
Akatsuki and sakurada

Akatsuki (アカツキ, Akatsuki) and Sakurada (桜田, Sakurada) are a movie-exclusive characters in Zatch Bell Movie "The Unlisted #101 Mamodo". His spells are based on spikes, and he knows Zatch from the Mamodo World, and as the other mamodo, he remind Zatch for being a weak one. When Kotoha, Zatch and Kiyo search for a mysterious cure for Kotoha's mother, they meet Akatsuki and soon they're defeated with Zatch's Zakeru. Their japanese voices are: Akatsuki - Tomo Saeki and Sakurada - Kōichi Tōchika.

English: Akatsuki- Nick Brown

Sakurada (Named "Johnny" in Stonestream Recording Dub)- David Stenstrom


Ability: Spikes

Alignment: Evil

Spellbook color: Yellow green

Book Burned for: Zatch Bell and Kiyo Takamine


Japanese Name: Guraitsu (グライツ)
Type(s): Attack Episode: N/A Chapter: N/A
Description: Spikes come out from earth.

Japanese Name: Guragiron (グラギロン)
Type(s): Attack Episode: N/A Chapter: N/A
Description: A few spikes appear on floor and soon they're shot in enemy's direction. They also can be controlled for Akatsuki to take any direction he want, making any shield gets useless.

Japanese Name: Guranshirudo (グランシルド)
Type(s): Defense Episode: N/A Chapter: N/A
Description: Akatsuki gouges out the ground to prevent an opponent's attack (Video Game-only).


  • Akatsuki only appears in the movie "The Unlisted #101 Mamodo" but, in the photo reuning all mamodos, a mamodo very similar to Akatsuki is among them.

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