Āgasu Fanon (Argas Fanon)

Aagasu Fanon
Riou and Banikis Gigo
English Incantation: Argas Fanon
Japanese Incantation: Āgasu Fanon (アーガス ファノン)
Meaning: {{{Meaning}}}
Type: Defense Episode: 146
Chapter: 213 Video Game: N/A
Description: Āgasu Fanon (アーガス ファノン), known as Argas Fanon in the English Viz manga, is a spell used by Riou as his shield spell. It causes teeth to come out from the ground surrounding Riou, which then closes like a mouth to protect him from spells on all sides.
Riou and Banikis Gigo's Other Spells:

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